New exhibit at Amore Coffee in St. Paul

I have the good fortune to display 18 photographs at Amore Coffee in St. Paul for the summer. There are 5 new images and I’m happy to have them out in the world. This online gallery shows what is on display at Amore with the exception of four photographs. There are prints from formats ranging from 35mm to 8×10 large format black and white film, both contact prints and enlargements.

There are also Van Dyke Brown historic process prints and a couple of pinhole images as well. Finally, I threw in a few prints from digital files just for the fun of it. As always, something for everyone 🙂
It’s a great shop and the fresh-roasted coffee is superb, but that goes without saying! Stop by if you are in the area.

About scott

I live in Minneapolis Minnesota and have a passion for making portraits with view cameras and large format black and white film. In the last ten years, I have been drawn to older film cameras and large film formats up to 8x10 inch negatives. I also spend a fair amount of time perfecting recipes for home-made pizza and vegetarian soup. When not engaged in the aforementioned pursuits, I think about which mountain I will hike next.
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