St. Louis Park Friends of the Arts Exhibit!

Last week, I had the good fortune to exhibit two pieces in the SLP FOTA exhibit. I grew up in SLP so it was nice to have something in the show. Two other photographers in our Midwest Passage photography group had work in the show as well. My images were from the series that I have been doing on the flooded golf course just a few blocks from my house. The flood created a wetland bayou, disrupting a carefully manicured and managed area. The future is still uncertain for this area because the flood devastated the course.

Blowdown was taken with an 8×10 film camera. I couldn’t get over the way nature had claimed this path between the fairway and the green. Shortly after I made this image, the groundskeepers started repairing the path and this composition was wiped away. Like so many good subjects, this was only available to see for a short time and now it will never be seen again other than in photographs. Lugging 30 pounds of gear to this spot and lingering in the stench of the bog was worth it.

Meadowbrook Bayou was photographed with a medium format film camera early in the course of the flood. I marveled at how nature took this land back, if even for a short time.


Meadowbrook Bayou

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Ongoing Neighborhood Flood Photography

I’ve been photographing Meadowbrook Golf Course periodically since the floods started in June. In addition to a small flood in our basement, the golf course has been flooded with a new lake. Minnehaha Creek breached its bank and there was no stopping it. The course is shut down and will be likely shut down for the rest of the year, if not longer. It has been nothing short of incredible to see the landscape transformed so dramatically in such a short and uncontrolled way. Nature wanted a bayou. Nature got a bayou. Meadowbrook Golf Course Flood Meadowbrook Golf Course Flood Meadowbrook Golf Course Flood Meadowbrook Golf Course Flood Meadowbrook Golf Course Flood

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Pinhole Photography featured in Looking Glass, a new film photography magazine!

What! A new online magazine with a focus on film photography? It can’t be! But it is! Check out the first issue of Looking Glass Magazine, published by a team of photographers dedicated to keeping film-based work alive and thriving.

But wait, there’s more! They asked me to contribute an article on Pinhole Photography and some photographs and do you know what I said? I said “of course!”. The magazine showcases several photographers, has compelling images and photo-related prose. There’s a great story about a pilgrimage gone wrong trying to find the location that Ansel Adams used for a famous photograph. If you’re into film or photography in general, there’s something here for you. Did I mention pinhole photography? I did? Support film photography and subscribe!


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Midwest Passage Landscape Photography Exhibit

midwest passage


Friday night, we exhibited a modern interpretation of landscape photography in Landscape: Current Interpretations X=11, a group exhibition featuring works by local photographers working with traditional cameras and materials. This was the second exhibition in 2013 by Midwest Passage, a collective of Twin Cities photographers that favor film as their primary photographic capture media. Subjects ranged from more traditional representations of the landscape theme to hand-crafted, alternative/historic process, and abstract prints.

The exhibit was one night only on Friday July 26 from 6pm-10pm at Studio #201 in the California Building located at 2205 California St. NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418

Midwest Passage – In an age when most photographers have transitioned to digital cameras and all but a few professional photographic labs have closed, there exists a minority of photographers that use non-digital cameras as the means of realizing and expressing their art. The Midwest Passage collective formed in 2012 as an informal group of Twin Cities film photographers to share ideas, technique, and to critique each other’s work.

The exhibit included photographic works from the following artists: Thomas Bertilsson, Peter Boulay, Eduardo Colon, Osama Esid, Anthony Hoffmann, Paul Johnson, Victor Keller, Andrew Moxom, Reid Rejsa, Scott Stillman and Steve Zimmerman.

The exhibit was well attended and A LOT of fun! Thanks to all that attended and participated.


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Cowboy and Camel Reflected in a Lizard’s Eye

Zorki 4K Pinhole Camera photograph of cowboy and camel reflection in giant lizard eye

An oldie but a goodie, this 2006 photograph will be included in the upcoming 4th Biennial Pinhole Show at the Rayko Photo Center in San Francisco starting April 28, 2013. The exhibition dates are April 28th – May 25th with an opening reception on World Wide Pinhole Photography Day: Sunday, April 28th from 3-5pm.


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Soon at a gallery near you…

This photograph will be included in the upcoming exhibit, “Picture This: What We Photograph” at the Mpls Photo Center, starting on January 18, 2013.
Burke and James 8×10 camera and 305mm Caltar wide open. Captured on Kodak Ektascan B/R x-ray film at EI 50 and processed in Caffenol-C for 11:00
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World Wide Pinhole Photography Day WWPD 2012

Here is what I shot on April 29, 2012 for World Wide Pinhole Photography Day this year. I have participated on WWPD since 2007 and this was another good year.

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Recent Work – 2012

I’ve been busy on weekends and rather prolific this year. Lots of film shot and processed.

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Wedding Photos

We had a great family wedding in the last weekend in October. Although I have several digital cameras, I chose to shoot film because I wanted to create images that stand out in our modern, color, digital world.

Square photographs were shot with a Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 532/16 with a 80mm 2.8 tessar lens on Ilford Delta 3200 film shot at EI1600 and processed in DD-X 1+5 for 11 minutes. Rectangles were shot with a Nikon F100 and 85mm f/1.8 lens on 35mm Kodak Tri-X 400 and processed in DD-X 1+4 for 8 minutes with no agitation for the last 2 minutes. These were printed in the darkroom, scanned and photoshopped ’til I was happy.

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Murphy’s Landing

Alida and I made a nice trip to a place called Murphy’s Landing in September. I think it was September. Alida is a historical fiction writer and this was a great chance to see the re-creations of the 1750-1875 era in the upper Midwest. The location is set up with period buildings (although the structures are from other sites) and staffed by wonderful and knowledgeable interpreters of Minnesota history.  Check it out!

These were shot with a Leica CL 35mm camera on Acros at EI64 and processed in Rodinal using 1 hour stand development with a couple inversions at 30 minutes at 1+100.





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