Watching the Street

Visiting my mom, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time in Minneapolis, staring out a hospital window and observing the world outside the aquarium. People cross the street, ambulances pass by, and everyday the snow melts a little more.

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It has been 2 consecutive GREAT days at the hospital. Lots of progress in a short amount of time. I’m headed back to Minneapolis on Tuesday.

Here is a panorama that I shot this morning from the 24th floor of the Westin using 12 separate exposures and stitched together using my iPhone.



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Back to San Francisco

I’m on my way back to San Francisco for a few days. I was there 2 weeks ago and was able to take a few images in between hospital visits.

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A Weekend in Black and White

Here is a collection of some black and white 35mm shots from the weekend. It was rejuvenating to get outdoors and make some images. The big tree shot is from a couple weeks ago, on the same roll of film and snuck into this collection. It is a very needy image and wants validation.

Technical stuff: Leica CL with CV 25mm Snapshot Skopar and orange filter. Fuji Acros 100 processed in Rodinal at 1+100 for 20:00. Scanned and mercilessly edited in Photoshop.

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There is still so much snow, with more on the way. But…

Summer is coming, I can’t wait.

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Winter Tree

I was driving to a job a little south of the metro area when I passed this tree. I shot it with a 35mm rangefinder as I headed south. As I returned, I had my Nikon DSLR ready and shot it again. This is the digital image. I love subjects isolated from the background. In this increasingly visually cluttered world, it’s nice to find a simple tree.

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A Porcupine!

When is a woodpile also a home? When a porcupine takes up residence during the day! We were up in Crosslake, MN for the President’s Day holiday weekend, and a winter cabin demands a winter fire. As we cleared away some snow to open the shed to get some wood, a shadowy creature stirred… Slowly. It was a porcupine! I’ve never been so close to a porcupine. In fact, I’ve only seen one other in my life and that was way up a tree. This one barely moved away from us, and very slowly. On day two, I took this shot with my iPhone. Cute little guy, or, girl maybe?

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Spring is springing, melting and flooding.

It was a wonderful day in Minnesota today. Warm weather and sunshine. It won’t be long now before it’s above freezing almost every day ūüôā

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Snowshoeing today

We went snowshoeing ¬†today in a local park called¬†Mississippi Gorge Regional Park. It was just beautiful with a temperature in the 30’s F, sunshine and some fun snow climbing up the sides of the gorge to the river road. It feels like summer!

We have hiked here several times in the summer but never in the winter. It’s a gem of an area and very close by.

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Soon to be published in Lumina

Three of my photographs will be in the next volume of a literary journal called Lumina,¬†the annual literary¬†journal¬†of the Sarah Lawrence College graduate program in writing. Two black and white photographs and one color were selected. I’m happy to have them published.

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