Pinhole Photography presentation at the Mpls Photo Center

It’s almost Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day!!!
I’m doing a presentation on pinhole photography for Community Film & Darkroom Night at the Mpls Photo Center on Tuesday April 12 2016 at 7PM. If you would like to learn about pinhole, see some photographs, and check out the photo center, that’s the night to do it. We will also have a drawing to give away a 35mm pinhole camera called the Populist. How cool is that?

Here is the page with the information, I hope to see you there.


world wide pinhole day, 2010 Minnehaha Creek Water Abstract Paris Street liquid ice digital color landscape cowboy and camel reflected in a lizard's eyeIt’s April, that means it’s time to get excited about pinhole photography!

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I live in Minneapolis Minnesota and have a passion for making portraits with view cameras and large format black and white film. In the last ten years, I have been drawn to older film cameras and large film formats up to 8x10 inch negatives. I also spend a fair amount of time perfecting recipes for home-made pizza and vegetarian soup. When not engaged in the aforementioned pursuits, I think about which mountain I will hike next.
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