Portrait Session

I had a lovely portrait session with Nikolet this weekend. We worked on a number of different ideas using digital capture, 35mm, and especially 8×10 black and white film. I like to mix it up between more posed and formal compositions, with the spontaneity and freedom of movement that comes with using smaller cameras. The large format negatives sure have a look that can’t really be achieved any other way. There are still a few sheets of film to develop, can’t wait to see them!

20160206_nikolet_8x10_sheet_1 20160206_Nikolet_35mm_20


20160206_Nikolet_35mm_29 20160206_Nikolet_35mm_17 20160206_nikolet_8x10_sheet_2

About scott

I live in Minneapolis Minnesota and have a passion for making portraits with view cameras and large format black and white film. In the last ten years, I have been drawn to older film cameras and large film formats up to 8x10 inch negatives. I also spend a fair amount of time perfecting recipes for home-made pizza and vegetarian soup. When not engaged in the aforementioned pursuits, I think about which mountain I will hike next.
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